So you have created a great eBook. It will be a doddle and finished 12 hours into your project. A great eBook contains a number of important elements. In this article I will go over what you need to make sure your eBook is as successful as possible.

Do your market research. Use ClickBank or similar to see what books sell well. See what articles make the most sales. Think about your site and what products you are selling and what you are hoping to sell. See if you can find an complimentary affiliate product as well. At this stage I would suggest adding an email opt in form to your sales page or website. Add the form to your product page as well at this stage if you have one. You should also do some SEO for the sales page to help it appear in the first 20 on Google.

Your eBook should contain the following elements.

High Quality

This is probably the most important element to any eBook. If you sell poor quality you’ll see low sales. This doesn’t just mean in the “how to” category, but also in all other categories you choose to sell ebooks. Also make sure that you check your grammar carefully at this stage. Poor grammar will make your customers give up and you’ll be wasting your time and theirs.

Well researched

Great ebooks WILL contain research that will help your customers to solve a problem. Always remember that the purpose of your eBook is to educate your customers and not confuse them.

striking title

The headline should be enticing and well written with no misspelling, spelling mistakes or many capital letters. It also needs to grab the reader’s attention so they don’t ignore the page. You’ll generally see a greatest variation in sales from first contact and the headline.

Accurate descriptions

Description must describe all the major points in the ebook. Use bullet points to demonstrate the benefits. The words ringing with mansionMuch more Got you Skimmed

The sales page eBook needs to be 100% relevant to the title. You can use the entire eBook to fully support the title, e.g. how to compile a musical composition, but when you are writing the title it’s also important to give some inspiration. If the book was about knitting, an appropriate title would be “How to nagapoker successfully!”

Another potential feature is to offer a limited unpaid review of paid products software, something along the lines of if you found this article helpful. Explain your view of the product and put an affiliate sales link in so that people who find the information valuable can purchase the software.

A good eBook can fit every topic imaginable, and can be a great way of making a very nice income through affiliate marketing. The most common ebooks you will find can be found on or similar websites. There are generally two versions. One is free and the other is just beginning the member site has increased its one dollar value. That means a free eBook produced is worth $17, whereas the version you pay for is an average of $17 per copy. To outweigh the baby book screen and have a summarised eBook over your site they need to be 100% perfect, e.g. no misspelling, no incorrect grammar, and no irrelevant content. No matter what the contents of this article is about, I have not claimed any form of expertise and have no clue so how to achieve success, but have seen people make a lot of money by implementing these techniques. If you are prepared to take the time and apply yourself then it can be a very lucrative and good income producing program.