Before you download this great game [pokero] you need to know the rules. Everybody would agree that poker is the best and most exciting game. All the fun, the lightning poker chips thud off the table, the moan from the pocket about your next “readline foe”, the screaming match in the yard – it’s all because of one game: poker. Whether it’s five card stud, five card draw, it’s all the same game, poker. It’s exponentially enjoyed and it’s profitable. Many players would not consider themselves good players, but in fact they know and conquer all the great poker games.

After learning the poker rules, you need to learn the strategies of the game. “How to play poker” indeed, you have a lot of questions. After spending lots of time and money learning the game, you think you are ready to make some money out of it. But before you will delve into the poker-net, you need to learn how to play it. That’s right. You can’t just catch hold of the rules and start playing expect to win money straight away. I’m afraid so many beginners outright throw away their money before they even start.

Instead, you need to do an exercise called the “loose reel” method. This means that you should play the game as if you play it with friends. You should invite your friends over, have a few beers, play and have a lot of fun. Follow the loose reel method, and you will have a lot of friends from the neighborhood or even the farther streets. Familiarize yourself with the cards and watch the wheel carefully. After you are comfortable with the game, its time to practice the “pile” method. Put all the money on the table and, after the game, you can even divide it among your friends. That way, no matter what happened to you, you can say that you triumphed among all your friends. Be careful with your friends though, if there are some cards that don’t go with your friends.

Of course, the most important thing when playing poker is the bet. How much should you bet is up to you. The strongest and most foolish bet that you can make is not placing any money on the table. Since this may look really stupid, the pros sometimes do this, too. It’s a method that seems to be quite effective. However, even if you don’t intend to lose money, this method can cause you more harm than good. It is similar to betting all your chips or money on the first hand. Usually, if this happens, you may lose everything and your first hand (the one that you bet) will be woefully inadequate.

“Betting everything on first sight” is another method that sometimes works. Betting everything can sometimes bring you a lot of enjoyment. There’s nothing like the first hand of a dewapoker game. If you’re the first one to bet, you can sometimes feel a bit obliged to match the fellow’s bet, even if you don’t really have anything. The match continues and the game allows you to check, etc. When you bet, be sure that you match the highest bet, too, if you have something. Remember that the match will be continued all through until one hand is completely gone. Don’t be greedy; wait for the most favorable hand and be patient.

Bailed out

You can get out tie even when you’re starting to lose. If you think that the hand you hold is hopeless, don’t be discouraged. You can get out tie even when you have lost everything. Once again, be certain that the person to your left will take the cards. The started to beat you, and you to stay on top of him. So what’s the best way to win? The best way is to bet when you have considerable chances of winning the hand. You will never be sure whether you will win or not.